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1) My first independent project, for which I was the writer/Project Manager:

2) Wrote a few scraps for this one:
Here they go....
Luxury Trains Darjeeling Toy Train:
A century old 'legacy' serpents through the sequestered hills of the Kanchenjunga carpeted with forests and tea plantations, hewn in a multi-colored avian and floral metropolis and equally vibrant clusters of tribal villages with giggling Bhutia and Lepcha women... (Read More...)
Shimla Toy Train:
Think of a land where snow clad mountains melt down to serpentine rivulets and the sun languidly penetrates the misty mornings to warm verdant valleys plaited in lush vegetation, multi-colored populace of birds and flowers and equally warm-hearted people! More than a name will come to mind and one of them has to be - Himachal Pradesh... (Read More...)
Palace on Wheels:
Touring through India in a week in a train, so regally Indian, can be the most memorable of your touring memories ever. The Palace On Wheels, one of the Indian Railways imperial gift to the tourism industry, is a luxury train that begins in Delhi and... (Read More... )
Deccan Odyssey:
Sojourn through the Kingdom of the warrior Marathas in a regal heritage train - the Deccan Odyssey. A mystic week-long journey that takes you back in time through the history of Maharashtra manifest in the fabled caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the handicraft sanctum of Shilpa Gram, the land of dreams and Bollywood - Mumbai and what not... (Read More... )
Heritage on Wheels:
The phenomenal success of the luxury train Palace On Wheels had Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Railways connive another dream sojourn on board a new luxury train - Heritage On Wheels. The train moves on meter gauge enroute the unexplored regions of Bikaner and Shekhawati, quintessential preservers of the heritage of Rajasthan... (Read More... )
Paragliding in India:
What is it that comes to your mind when you are out in the open and you look up and behold a large eagle soaring high above with its majestic wings spread? "Wish I could fly!", right? Paragliding or sailing-in-the-air is man's closest answer to that dream he nurtured since ages. (Read More... )
Skiing in India:
The thrill of slicing through the snow, purging through the billowy wind, is something only skiers will know best. Indian tourism industry has recognized skiing as one of its thriving tourist-pullers... (Read More... )
River Rafting in India:
Alone in a tumultuous current of roaring water with only a row and the kayak with the waves thirsting to engulf your being any moment - some people must be made of a different 'stuff' to call that - thrilling! (Read More... )

3) Wrote the Homepage for:

Et al
1) Hotel Websites:, Profiles Dr. Smita Narang's Profile was first of its kind..and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

2) Only Profile I ever charted: For Dr. Smita Narang, Web-Vastu Consultant

I am yet to trace the rest...............


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